Thursday, January 28, 2010

New toy studies: Tub back

I believe this toy belongs to the indestructible Kali Fontecchio! I am drawing a few of her toys that she's posted, and this is the first of three I started yesterday. I finished this one today.
My first shot turned out pretty slumpy and yucky, so I won't even post it.

So I straightened him out a bit. That head shape is a lot harder than it looks.
The hardest part, however, is that darned hat. It was kind of hard to see in my print-out, and it STILL isn't right. However, my paper was getting worn down from erasing and re-drawing. It is a learning experience.
So, I love listening to podcasts (preferably drawing/cartoon-related or boring informative ones) while I do my studies. Any recommendations?

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  1. Looking pretty good. Nice finish on the drawing. Hmm. I was gonna draw the toy too, cant seem to find it on her blog though. Oh well. You probably know animation podcast already. I used to listen to tooncast. There's a pixar one. Cant remember the name. Most of em hardly make new episodes though.