Friday, October 23, 2009

Quickdraw painting practice

More painting practice... more errors, but I think only because it's more complicated than the MLA. It was based off of an HB storyboard picture, but I really strayed from the source because I was also looking at another painting of Quickdraw for color reference. Woops.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Little Ass painting practice

I've never considered myself much of a painter, but I'd really like to learn... so here's a My Little Ass doodle originally drawn by John, copied, and then painted for practice (not traced, so there are inconsistencies, many of which were way increased by the fact that paint sort of tells you "you are making this change, like it or not" if you're inexperienced with it)... I'd compare it to the original, but... John K Stuff appears to be private? Shock and intrigue!

Also, now the purple ass has a freckle, because I spilled a bit on her ear.

Also also, I'm sorry for inactivity. Regular school has been bogging me down something awful.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kaspar and bee

Trying to preserve shapes better... Evening some stuff out and softening angles, though.

I said to myself "Kaspar is perturbed about the bee's presence" and I think it changed his facial expression, subtlely. Perhaps I misinterpreted it?

Friday, October 9, 2009

More Kaspar practice

Tried to fix some things... There are still some issues. I have A.D.D. when it comes to talking on the internet lately. Gonna do another Kaspar tonight that I will probably post this weekend.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Kaspar studying

I notice that I flattened the bottom shape a bit, woops.

No, still not right. There are some pretty big problems, here, particularly with the arm/hand being too big. Throws the whole thing right off. Oh well, gonna call this one a wash and just keep makin' more. I find it facilitates learning better to acknowledge and analyze my mistakes more than it does to repair them (in terms of raw practice).

Looks like I leaned him forward a bit. The claws don't look very good. Looks as if I enlarged his facial features.

Couldn't find my blues, so these are a little "rougher" than usual. I'm not sold on some of the details, they seem shakey.

More of what I'm sure will be many Kaspar drawings. These are just quickish studies of some John doodles. They aren't very good but I feel like it's sort of easier to learn from them.

It really gets to the meat and potatoes with what I'm perceiving wrong. On the left one, I stretched out Kaspar's body vertically, a bit. I took away some of the thrust to the right. I stretched out the legs. I evened out and toned down the faces on both, and on the left I inflated his muzzle. To the right, I lost some mass on his back and pushed his face down.

Going to be working on this stuff all night this evening.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Humble beginnings of Kaspar stuff

Man! This has been a year of a lot of artistic firsts for me.
While firsts are exciting, they're frustrating. It's like walking on new legs; awkward, scary, embarrassing.
(These first two are just warm-up doodles, based on John's drawings.)

This is a doodle John did. I like it a lot, so I picked it to flesh out. It was harder than I expected, but very fun.

But also weird. I want to constantly ask questions about the drawing and its intentions. What was meant? What can I push further? So I kept this pretty rough until I have some of those questions answered.

I'm guessing that as time goes on and I get more experience working like this, I'll need less feedback. But for now... ack! Am I doin' this right?

I feel like some things changed.

  • The hand looks misplaced
  • The legs look strange... I didn't want to tone them down, but they don't feel right, either
  • Elbow bends in a different place
  • Eyes don't wrap well enough
  • Unsure about mouth area construction
  • I don't feel totally sure of Kaspar's construction in general. I'm doing a bunch of practice drawings to start understanding it better...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Man, what a weird drawing of Bugs!

I will likely talk about this stuff tomorrow. Now that these are done, gonna move on to trying to make solid drawings out of John's quick doodles of Kaspar.