Thursday, February 4, 2010

Curly Fleece Poodle

(I am drawing from the second image, both of these drawings are John's)

My roughest, first attempt at this drawing got deleted, but I still have the overlay (I try to only overlay now during very early stages so as to ensure that I'm seeing the basic proportions correctly).

Couple corrections...

More to come, I'd like to make more corrections before I clean it up. I really like drawing this character a lot. Funny animals are my favorite.

I feel like I misread the cranium, now that I look at it. I should have corrected it when I fixed the eye the first time around... His head is tilted to the left.

Because I want to get in the habit:

- Curly Fleece Poodle has one eye REALLY WIDE and one eye quite narrowed
- He is looking directly at what he's writing... he's really concentrating, because he is a stuffed animal
- His ass is so up in the air that it is coming forward, toward his head
- His big feet are supporting his butt weight

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