Monday, August 30, 2010

Where have I been?

I've spent the last couple of months with, for the most part, very little internet access and almost no scanner access (like a fool I updated to Windows 7, which was not compatible with my scanner, so I need to get a new one). Somewhere in there I moved twice-- once to my new roommate's old apartment, and then to a totally new apartment. I now have two jobs (one of them is a paid internship at a toy company, which is cool). I am thinking of quitting my weekend joe job so that I can practice and pursue my own projects again-- the days in which I have my internship I am up at 6AM and home at around 7 PM (sometimes later), so it's kind of impossible to do much and still be in high spirits for my actual commitment. I'd rather be deeper in poverty than unable to keep myself sharp, frankly.

Hopefully I'll be back by the end of September. I sorely miss updating this thing, it was really my baby and I found it very helpful!

P.S. Does anyone out in cartoon land know what the deal is with the Wacom Cintiq 21ux? After like 5 years of pining and saving, I finally have enough to buy one, and they have been on backorder since April. Why?! Do they hate making money or something?

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  1. ...he shouts a tentative, 'hello?' into the silent darkness, which echoes back in reply and fades into silence again...