Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ship ahoy! The boat leaked!

When I was little I remember when I was nuts about the Looney Tunes characters, I'd get all excited to get coloring books featuring the characters... but so many of them were ugly! However, this one is just recklessly cute. Porky and Bugs always look adorable, but look at Bugs' gesture! I love his hand.
Anyway, so, I've been doing this study during very small increments of free time. It's a few shifts' worth of lunch breaks at work. Unfortunately, since I did it in several sessions, I think it lended itself to some disjointedness. It's like the drawing is on three different planes! It's hardly worth showing the overlay.

I just completely copied the angles wrong. I interpreted the ship as being more faced toward the viewer, so it's more opened-up looking in my version. And I put Bugs too high up compared to Porky. Since Bugs' arm area was warped (his hand should be closer to the viewer in space, and further out, rather than as bent inward).

Bugs' face was probably the biggest problem area:

Ugh, that cheek!! It seems ten times worse now that I have it scanned. Doesn't help that the head is overall too big.

His cranium should be leaned more forward in space. It needs to be at a more committed angle-- I seemed to have given it a wimpy treatment. Which stinks, because the original is so darned cute. Anyway, the angle problem lended itself to other issues-- the cheek on the right is too long and floppy. It is tighter to the face int he original. His teeth aren't at as extreme of an angle as in the original. I opened his mouth too wide, and I also puffed out his bottom lip too much.

I think Bugs' cranium has reverse perspective. The half nearer to the viewer is smaller than the one further away, I think. Does anyone out there have advice on beating this mistake? I seem to make it a lot, even though I'm conscious of it.

Porky's head looks better, in my opinion. His jaw is exaggerated in my version. The sphere within Porky's cranium confused me a bit because he has some meat padding his head. My version looks squished, to me. I stacked on too much meat on the right side.

I feel like I am getting better at understanding my mistakes. But I need to avoid making them in my new studies!


  1. You're getting better all the time.

    That's a leap forward in solidity and definition.