Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eisenberg quickie

I started this when I had a headache last night, and finished it today on lunch break. Lots of mistakes, but I don't have much energy to crit tonight. Rest assured that I see that the head is too big and his line of action angle is wrong, legs and a few other features are too small, the eye on the right doesn't wrap too well, etc.

I just wanna pull his foot out so that his leg is anywhere near as extended as it's supposed to be.

Haha, I don't even know why I am showing this. Maybe just because I find the arms so hilariously big and awkwardly attached. The next one will be better. I am sorry, Eisenberg. I hope I have not angered you and all the other cartooning gods.


  1. It's very good

    don't be so hard on ourself

    keep doin' it

  2. I bet Eisenberg is happy that you're trying to keep his traditions alive by learing them and implementing them in your own cartoons. I agree with John.

    - trevor.

  3. Hi Geneva,

    You are so dedicated, and that's so awesome! I want to see how you apply this stuff to your own work. Thanks for sharing your construction studies, I posted some of my own on my blog recently, but without the reference. I'm bad at actually checking my work, too :p

    Keep it up, gal!