Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eisenberg study 2

Left hand looks ridiculous, arms are too low, Tom's tummy is too fat (there's more emphasis on his chest in the original), some problems with the background (the pipe is the wrong shape, the top of the mantle has angle problems... and, for some reason, I messed up the straight vertical line on the left side of the fire place... but I am getting faster at these. I don't know about better, per se, right now. It's frustrating, because I can see all the problems. I'm happy I am at least better at that part.

I think I'm just not as focused because of school stuff. I will be back on track and on top of things when the semester's done.

Probably won't be many more for the next couple of weeks, things are getting to that end-of-semester crunch time.

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