Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And now for a total waste of your time and mine

So I was grocery shopping at an expensive yuppie organic-type store like a good art student does on a small budget, and my boyfriend, Jory, noticed a bright, fetching box!

Here is a recreation of the scene, only totally without Jory. He had teeth pulled a couple of days ago.

Wowzers! I want to buy this just because it doesn't make my head spin with nonsense by looking at it!

I don't even really like corn type cereals, but hey! I like a good impulse purchase as much as the next under-budgeted art student!

Ooh, wait! What's this?

I-I-- Wait! This fun-time cartoon looks... familiar!

Well, boy howdy! You couldn't steal $3 away from me faster than this!

I apologize for the "Myspace" nature of these photos. Know that neither my head nor bust are as large as implied. I initially enlisted the help of my roommate for documentation, but it was a frustrating mess. You can actually see me getting angrier and angrier in the reject photos. In fact...



  1. Hey, Geneva I wanted to ask you about contact with John K. [johnkstuff.blogspot.com], I would like to show to him my cartoon studies, but I thought he has an e-mail address at the blog... so he hasn't... :(

    If You could be so nice and tell me how to send to him the drawings, if it's possible, I would be so happy. :)

  2. Mateo,

    I leave a lot of comments on his blog, including (relatively unrelated) links to studies. He got in touch with me himself, though, for other forms of correspondence. So I actually didn't find his contact information (email, etc) myself. :) Just stay active in comments, I suppose!

  3. Ok, so I will try to terrorize him with posts. :D

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