Friday, July 31, 2009

Tom poses, phase 1

I'm a little nervous about this post!

Firstly because I finally am doing some of my own poses and while I've been doing my own goony cartoons my whole life, they've been relatively flat and didn't really strive for anything in particular but my own gratification. I'm trying for 100% constructed poses, informed by principles.

Unfortunately, since that's a lot to balance, it not only took me several weeks of trying to get comfortable with the idea, but I also had to compromise some ideas. I tried to do much harder stuff but I figured that I'm not letting myself off too easy if I try to make very conservative drawings at first. I need to understand, and it's more important that I do that than try to wow the world with anything faux-original.

Anyway, so here goes. I'm imagining they'll get reworked before I put any sort of finish on them, but here's the basic construction.

ASLO: aren't empty eyes so creepy? I figured I'd draw the sockets in clearly so that I could wrap the eyelids around them in a way that made sense, but right now he just looks so wide-eyed and strange. Haha.

That eye on the right doesn't wrap quite right. Will fix in the next versions...

(Ignore the weird scaling/blurriness on this one. Blogger shrunk up the thumbnail, and I stretched it a bit so it wouldn't look so ridiculous with the others)
Last one is probably the weakest. It has some problems I can't quite articulate. The fact that it doesn't have wrinkly details also sorta might be lending itself to some feeling of woodiness. I dunno.

Next: More work on these, possibly some Howie Post practices.


  1. Are there any books you could recommend to cover this subject in greater detail?I'm an aspiring cartoonist as well and Ive only been at it since last October. Anatomy is still a mystery sometimes.

  2. Well, aside from a lot of reading at John's blog, I use the Preston Blair book a lot. The original pages are free at the ASIFA blog!

  3. I use mostly the preston blair book......
    Thanks for this posting.........

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