Thursday, July 9, 2009

Took me long enough

Yikes! The second job is still going, but it is definitely done after this week. Just in time for me to have to run back to Illinois for my family reunion next weekend.

The feet are too small, and the one on the right isn't so great in general. It does not seem solidly constructed. The finish is less gratuitously thick on this one, too. Not perfect, but closer to decent. I also left out a couple of small details in the hair because I didn't understand how they wrapped. Am I missing something? How do those little strands work? Should I have drawn them, only making sense to me? I dunno, I just omitted them instead.

I also just noticed that I botched a detail on the left side of the hair, right above the curls. I think I may have just forgotten to correct it. It doesn't wrap at all, it's just a dumb, stray line as it is.

I also went over some of the construction lines rendered invisible.

I want to practice painting real soon. I also am looking to try doing some poses of my own for characters, but I must admit I am a little intimidated! It's so weird, I used to do it all the time as a kid (of course badly, back then). Anyone have any requests of favorite classic, cute characters that I can try or poses they could be doing? No promises, but I'd love suggestions to get me thinking.


  1. Great lessons, you're so good at articulating the process and the mistakes you see.

    I'd love to see some of your own characters! Coming up with pose ideas helps if you have a specific situation. Make a comic strip of them or something.

  2. Hello , i'm axel and another student of cartooning my self . my blog is Axel lee krow strange worlds.