Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Little Ass painting practice

I've never considered myself much of a painter, but I'd really like to learn... so here's a My Little Ass doodle originally drawn by John, copied, and then painted for practice (not traced, so there are inconsistencies, many of which were way increased by the fact that paint sort of tells you "you are making this change, like it or not" if you're inexperienced with it)... I'd compare it to the original, but... John K Stuff appears to be private? Shock and intrigue!

Also, now the purple ass has a freckle, because I spilled a bit on her ear.

Also also, I'm sorry for inactivity. Regular school has been bogging me down something awful.


  1. Hi! Your works look awesome, I really think you are talented and have an awesome future. And you said John K´s blog is private... how can i have access to it again? That blog is so awesome, I´m learning a lot from him and I can see you are too.

  2. Carlo -- haha, I'm too much of a goodie goodie to do that too much!

    Paulo -- Thank you! Right now it looks like John has it invite-only, so he would have to invite you, himself. However, I think it is a temporary situation. Just be patient and I'm sure it will be back some time soon. :)

  3. Man this is a really good idea, and it looks good!