Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Humble beginnings of Kaspar stuff

Man! This has been a year of a lot of artistic firsts for me.
While firsts are exciting, they're frustrating. It's like walking on new legs; awkward, scary, embarrassing.
(These first two are just warm-up doodles, based on John's drawings.)

This is a doodle John did. I like it a lot, so I picked it to flesh out. It was harder than I expected, but very fun.

But also weird. I want to constantly ask questions about the drawing and its intentions. What was meant? What can I push further? So I kept this pretty rough until I have some of those questions answered.

I'm guessing that as time goes on and I get more experience working like this, I'll need less feedback. But for now... ack! Am I doin' this right?

I feel like some things changed.

  • The hand looks misplaced
  • The legs look strange... I didn't want to tone them down, but they don't feel right, either
  • Elbow bends in a different place
  • Eyes don't wrap well enough
  • Unsure about mouth area construction
  • I don't feel totally sure of Kaspar's construction in general. I'm doing a bunch of practice drawings to start understanding it better...

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