Thursday, February 18, 2010

Color schemes, headaches, etc

Here are some (really zoomed in, compared to their print size) backgrounds for a comic I'm doing for school... mostly interested in practicing with color, and digital painting.

I don't like digital painting anymore (it's so much easier to make stuff look good with paint, I think), but it's very cost-effective and there's no loss of luster through a scanning process. Took a lot of cues from Anne in terms of digital application of spongey looks. She's pretty clearly more advanced than I am, but I can't catch up if I don't start! Anyway, it is fun and educational.


  1. I do dig these digital things (as I am occupationally required to). Much luck with the computer-wrangling.

  2. hand-paintings are just so much warmer and richer. But hey, there's no Ctrl-Z in real life.

  3. Hi Geneva,
    I'm glad your having fun doing BG's. I love your tree branches. Thank you for the plug.