Friday, May 7, 2010


Hey friends,

My graduation ceremony is tomorrow. I didn't really want to do the ceremony thing, but it's important to my mom, and she's a good lady. Anyway, just posting to say I will be busy for the next several days, visiting my grandmother in Virginia.

Then, when I get back, I have no idea what's goin' on. I want to devote myself to slavishly practicing, while keeping my part-time job and hopefully digging for freelance work.

I've decided to start practicing and portfolio-building for Disney's talent development program. I figure, why not? My stylistic interests aren't really very well suited for contemporary Disney, but after three years of work I will certainly be good enough for something. It's a goal, and it's a goal that doesn't require me to go to school any more (yuck). Besides, I can't start changing the industry unless I weasel my way inside of it (right?)

I also would really like to set up a nice, devoted workspace. I'm saving for a Cintiq, which would really make animation practice a heck of a lot easier. If you want to help me reach this lofty goal, feel free to get in touch for any work you might have for me. Commissions are fun.

Anyway, I want to be back in a week, and then get on the ball with this again. No dopey school to get in the way, this time.

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