Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just a minute bub!

Old cartoonists can pull off improper English in the best ways. No one else has license to language like these guys.

I did this in someone else's basement tonight, and I feel like I'm committing a faux pas if I stay on here for too long. I took a few little liberties in this one though, especially on Fagan's hands. Not sure if it worked out or not. The dog's arm/hand aren't perfect, looks sort of squished and wimpy. I also evened out some of that lovely asymmetry on the cheeks. No bueno. I feel like the face is clearer than in yesterday's panel, though.

Tomorrow I get a tooth pulled!


  1. I love this blog post. Love those old cartoons!

  2. These are all good copies, Geneva.

    The next step would be to take these characters and do your own poses with them to see if what you are learning is sinking in...

    Like take one of those Eisenberg scenes (with the same background already drawn) and change the pose so that your pose still fits the perspective and composition of the existing scene..

    hard to put this into words, did it sound like it made sense?

  3. Totally, John! That will be my next project (ignore the Porky I posted right before getting to your comment)! Thank you, John, you're right. I'm on it.