Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i didn't see no fox

today I got that tooth pulled. I am either really feelin' a gigantic bloody crater in my mouth or drowsy off of painkillers. I did this study during a sort of in-between moment this evening:

I might do a drawing or two before bed since my sleep is all messed up from today, but I also just might crash. It's hard to tell.


  1. wow, you're doing it very good!
    The hairs are awesome, also the leaves in the tree. I always have trouble with that.

  2. thanks, Paul!! Your studies rock hard, you're inspiring me.
    I have a tough time with the branches, too. I have to just tell myself to quit overthinking it when I get to them... it makes them inaccurate but at least it's not paralyzing, ha ha.

  3. When you're working, you're constantly turning the paper to adapt your stroke to the forms?

  4. only when I finish drawings. I have a hard time maintaining forms if I rotate the paper too much when I do my roughs. I also might turn the paper to see how the shape holds when compared to the original. But yes when I am focusing on line quality I turn the paper so that I can get a nicer line. :) It's a habit I only recently picked up but I think practicing it is definitely worth it.