Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big ol' Preston Blair dump.

I got the Preston Blair book for Christmas from my boyfriend. Because he's awesome I got to open it early. Basically I started diving into construction for the first time in a long while over winter break.

Anyway, these are a bit old, and lack a lot of proper self-critique because I was less able to check my own mistakes via scanning/comparing. If you can read my notes to myself, you'll see that I already beat myself to the punch, informally, anyway. I just wanted to show that I DID do work and am still doing it; this is only a teeny fraction of all the exercises I've done.

Original drawing (above)

One of my very firsts, the first out of the Preston Blair book. This post is all stuff from my copy, the newer edition. I couldn't print stuff from the old books for free 'til school was back in session.

I wasn't doing so well at first. I have several pages of this guy;all of them with the head at the same wrong angle. I wish I could have scanned it; for some reason it just completely eluded me that I was doing it so wrong. I guess I was concerned with the angle of the torso, which I did manage to improve at; I also switched methods on the next drawing.

Original drawing (above).

I'm doing things more sensibly in this drawing, now, but I kept breaking his right foot. Poor dude.

Like I said, more sensible. The drawing is more in-tact, though I squished the legs in too much. I needed to stretch it out along the line of action more. I should have been doing LOAs for all these, but I've come to pay more attention to them in the weeks since.

Original drawing

Again, one of many pages. I hated drawing the Boston terrier fella; I notice now that he's not in the original.

The right legs gave me a lot of trouble.

I hated this one. I have probably ten pages filled up with this little bastard sitting, squashed up in various ways.

It really bugs me to show all these scratchy, unrefined, downright sloppy exercises to the world.

Here's a dog I drew on my own accord for a gift for a housemate for Christmas:

There are too many dogs in this post.

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  1. :D But I like the dogs! It's just a learning process, right? :)