Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oswald study

I was drawn to this cover because it was so damn cute. I also liked the way it hung together; balanced with really close characters, with lots of fun negative space.

I'd first like to say that I'm amazed at what a difference a fine .05 lead made. Even working on the flimsiest Meijer sketchbook paper, it worked out well. It was much easier to control the darkness of the line. It's still a bit messy because of the crappy paper. Still, I feel a lot more confident about this one.

Lots of stuff is pretty off. I felt when I was drawing the dinosaur... dragon... thing that I wasn't putting him close enough together. I was right; that leg is way off. Lots of things aren't as tight as they should be (Oswald is too fat, the foot is too far up and a bit too rounded and puffy, the dinosaur fella's tail needs to be brought back in). I didn't re-draw my lines of action darker so that the scan could pick it up! I think they were wrong, anyway. I'm not sure how the dinosaur's would work, since his body shape is so snakelike. The easy answer of the LoA just going through his whole body head to tail doesn't seem right to me because his default posture's so weird. How does that work?

Anyway, the biggest surprise about this picture is that Oswald's arm isn't all messed up. I thought for sure when I was drawing this that his arm was too fat and misplaced, particularly the upper part of it, but it seems to fit right in.

Biggest problems? Proportions and perspective, I think. The details don't wrap neatly around the forms on the faces. The eyes seem all wrong.

New post soon.

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