Friday, January 16, 2009

Donald hierarchy, round 2

I misunderstood the assignment a bit. Here's my second go, with much more time invested. I made a new document to draw on rather than overlaying over the original drawing to resist looking at the image so directly. Dunno what I was thinking with that last one.

One; general layout. The centering line on the right one is a bit off; I paid for it later.

Some of these were also a bit iffy, though the on the left pole instead. I wasn't sure where to end them; some of them ended near the bellies, and some ended on the ankles. I should have been more consistent.

Significantly better than last time. No tracing whatsoever and it really made me look at the picture and explore its ins and outs a lot more.

Problem areas: I had some stretching and distortion around the feet (particularly the bottom nephew's right and Donald's right feet), hands (again, particularly on the bottom one). The eyes are also weird. The top nephews are all messed up because I placed/sized their head-circles wrong, so next time I'll double-check those more thoroughly before moving onto the next stage. Also Donald has way too big of a beak, but I think that's just because I wasn't paying enough attention.

Long story short: I need to take my time and pay more attention.

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