Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dreadful Dragon study

I liked Bugs' pose here. I didn't like the dragon immediately but he grew on me as I deconstructed and reconstructed the picture.

The whole image looks like it's lunging forward from the original!

I fatten things. I'm not sure why. Perhaps it's because I don't have an actual desk of my own, so when I start things at home, I never do them with good posture. This is probably why my doodles during lecture classes and during work breaks are my favorites.

Anyway, so, I completely moved the dragon's head forward, sort of leaving his neck sprawled in a way that looks awkward and dangly. It also evens out the composition. In fact, the whole thing seems pulled downward a bit-- like gravity affects it differently from what it does the original. Bugs' face is also fat because of this.

His right arm is too fat, his hands too big, and things get too round and stubby. John told me that I need to commit more to my forms, and sometimes that results in me pushing things too much (I think that's why his body is more marshmallowy and fat). Other things aren't pushed enough. Bugs' tail is too poofy.

I know bugs' head isn't an oval, but I can't totally figure out exactly what it is. It makes the eyes difficult to place. I need more control over construction lines in general so that I can place them more sensibly.

Bugs' face looks so darned fat! There is too much negative space on his cheek.

I also now notice that the form of the mound is too upright-- the angle on that edge is far sharper than it should be.

All that said, I enjoyed making this. However, if you'd notice, the tail of the dragon looks a little funny. When I was making it, near the end, I accidentally got some juice from an apple I was eating on my eraser without noticing before I used it. It made a big hole in the cheap paper I've been using for these studies. So I had to fix it a bit in photoshop.

Anyway, lots of fatness problems. Again, I feel like my Oswald study was better, but I enjoyed constructing this one. It felt right. I tried to trace it over with a regular HB pencil using a light table, but it didn't work very well and the results were downright embarrassing. I'll keep practicing that, but I'm not posting it quite yet. Yuck.

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