Monday, February 9, 2009

Hare-brained reporter study

This cover made me laugh, so I drew it.

I'm sort of embarrassed by this one. I thought the Oswald one turned out much better, and I'm not sure what I did wrong. Maybe I was just having an off day. Bugs' legs are too sprawled and his foot pops a bit much. The foot's heel pokes a bit. The ears "breathe" a bit more in mine, which I don't hate but it does throw the head off balance a little. Bugs' face looks fairly cute but it's pushed in a direction that doesn't look much like the original's. The tail doesn't puff out in the right direction, which seems like a line of action error.

I was surprised that Bugs was as true to the original. I felt really "off" on his head/neck area, and the foot. They are a bit wrong, but less severely than I thought. The bear is too high; I think it was caused by not having a large enough arm, so the whole thing was thrown off trying to get it all to work together.

The bear's face is all sorts of wrong. I couldn't get the construction lines to look right, so the eyes don't look right. They're too big, and within them, the pupils are too big (and the direction in which they look becomes vague because of it). Because the eyes are too big, there isn't enough negative space on his head. His cheeks are too fat. And, again, he's all-around squished down.

Here's a more helpful overlay.

The snout is pushed in the wrong direction a bit. The eyes, again, are retarded and I have to wonder what I was even looking at (same with the eyebrows). Ears are squished and don't have the same thrust as the original's.


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