Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hands part one

I have been doing hands studies in my spare time for the last couple of days. I like them because I can get them done in a timely manner, so I've got quite a few of them so far. There would be more but I have to do drawing for school, too (in fact, it's what I should be doing instead of taking the time to upload this; I might come back and self-crit a bit on these later).

Originals above, from the Preston Blair book. It's the newer version.

I just drew them with blue lead until I felt comfortable with them and then went over the last one in a regular HB pencil.

I was falling asleep when I was finishing this page. That's why the last one is so big and not very controlled.

Originals from the Preston Blair book above.

I'll have the rest on this particular page done soon. I actually already did the last one in the middle column already, but it's the only one on that sketchbook page. There will be more. I want to feel comfortable with all the ones in the book (still at least 30 left), then I'd like to get comfortable turning poses referenced from my hand done in this simplified way.

I'm itching to do more, but I need to do homework for school.

Speaking of homework, I showed my drawing teacher these studies and told him about John's blog and my aspirations, and he seemed willing to work with me on it. However, he wanted to see me incorporate this knowledge into my own stuff. I'm a little reluctant, seeing as I clearly have no mastery over it (and am improving already, pretty noticeably. In two months I'd hate anything I'd make now), but I need to think of a way to do it.

So... how should I apply what I'm studying in a way I can call my own? It feels premature, but I'm thankful that my professor has such an open mind about it.

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