Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trying to redeem myself

I was drawn to do this study because it is so ridiculously constructed. And it's big and relatively easy to read.

It looks like his cranium is stretched, pulled forward. Fattened, I guess.
I am trying to hammer it into my skull not to tone down contrasts. I think I'm getting better, but not quickly. It's like my brain knows, but my hand and eyes forget. Maybe I'm just being too impatient... Oh, woops, I forgot to give him his other pair of whiskers. Haha.

I want to slowly bring in more non-study stuff to this blog, as I am slowly integrating new, learned stuff into my outside work. This is a really painful process because, frankly, I'm embarrassed. I need to stop being so shy about it and face the music when my art sucks.

So here's some nonsense I did for job #2, the library gig. First thing is just a silly little banner-comic and a follow-up comic; the idea of the 'research fairy' bringing bad results vs. the individual research appointment was given, but I did my own thing with it. It's sorta fun, I like the buck-toothed girl.

I also kinda wanted to show these to maybe get some feedback on the colors? Colors are really the focus of the rest of the stuff posted here (aside from the sketches, obviously). Not so much construction because that really isn't the look I was hired for with this stuff.

This is other stuff for the same gig. This is just stuff for a little sequence for the curriculum resource center (place with lesson plans, kid's books, and other teachery stuff).

I like the drawing of the fox guy. Believe it or not, I was sketching a lot messier a year ago. Hopefully this continues to clean up with time.

Trying to figure out colors. I work really disastrously and then spend time refining. Is that a decent process? How do professionals work?

More refined version of the color/compositon test for one of the drawings... Some things I could do without. I don't know. But I'm mostly asking for color feedback. How can I make my colors more warm, appealing, candy-like? It's mostly the bunny I'm taking issue with. I kinda want to make her not gray, but there's already too much brown, too.

Tonight is a night of self-doubt, apparently!


I forgot to upload this one ages ago!


  1. Hi Geneva, everything looks good to me. Your colors work well because everything reads easily and quickly.

    The human eye perceives 'warmer' colors as being closer than 'cool' colors. So every color has a warm and a cool. A warm blue will seem closer than a cool red or yellow. So it really depends on what you want the eye to focus on first.

    To confuse things more; contrast and value can affect how we see pictures also. I hope that helps, and please don't think I see myself as a better artist. You have a lot of talent, keep it up!

    Here's a post I did on color theory.

  2. "I was drawn to do this study because it is so ridiculously constructed" I thought the same thing when I fist saw that cartoon, haha.

    I really like the fox & bunny painting! I think the colors are fine. My only suggestion, in accordance with your request, would be maybe add some light blues to the bunny.