Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tweety and Piggies

I am trying to be mindful of not toning down contrasts. I think I just gotta, well, produce.

I don't have my tablet right now, so the lines are ridiculous. Anyway, I think my inaccuracies are becoming less, but heck if I can shake subtle mistakes in thrust. Notice that the fingers are not to the right enough (not enough pushing), but where I tried to exaggerate the contrast, the forefinger is way too far back. I just really messed up Tweety's little hand-- like I was just making up what it looked like instead of actually observing. Maybe I'm going brain-dead.

My new job is very good. I hope that I can keep at it there and quit my awful job, where I'm dead for the night after my shifts. It'd be very good for my productivity (and wallet).

I won't have a scanner over the weekend, though (visiting home), but I will start several studies. I already have two (aside from this Tweety one I just finished). I think I'm going to start having a lot of studies going at once from now on.

Here are some hilarious Tweety images for those who love to have their eyes bleed:

I call this one "the Mom e-mail forward" model.

When did Tweety become a girl, anyway?

My personal favorite. Words fail.


  1. Hi Geneva!

    I think it's really difficult to copy a drawing where part of the figure is a black mass. It's not as easy to see things as they truly are because the eye tends to look toward the nearest empty space.

    I notice the points of worry you mentioned involved Catstello's paw. Probably not a coincidence. I made a bunch of little mistakes when I did a drawing study of Sylvester's 'brother putthycaths' close-up from 'Kitty Kornered'. It was hard to truly see the exact shapes and girths of the forms at first on him, but the cat next to him I got more or less right.

    Keep up the drawing lessons! I'm kind of glad that the people who drew the last three drawings you showed never took the kind of care in their drawing as you do. It helps to identify it all the easier as what it truly is: crap.

    And the last thing I'll say about black masses is this: if you're ever at one and are the sole white devil there, by all means don't shout 'Freebird!' when the band takes the stage.

    - trevor.