Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another magician

Shrunk spaces, ruined some angling... Man, John's right, spaces are very easy to shrink. I will try to be more conscientious about this as I continue these studies.

The next half of this post, I need to emphasize that
I DID NOT DRAW THE FOLLOWING IMAGES! I am just practicing inking with a brush! Basically tracing!

I am only uploading these so I can keep track of my progress.

So I've always had sort of a weakness for inking. I mean real, physical inking. I can do digital stuff just fine because I feel pretty good about understanding the rules for it, but I have somewhat of a shakey hand. When I draw I kind of press hard, so using a brush sort runs counter to what I'm comfortable with.

But real, brush-and-pen ink has always been so beautiful and special and organic to me. And I want to get good at handling real, more delicate mediums. I figure, well, why not now, and why not just use rote practice until I feel confident? It's almost 100% technical skill that I have trouble with, so just inking really good drawings should be a step in the right direction. I've done probably about 20 of these print-out studies in the last couple of days and I'm finally seeing some very meager beginnings of getting comfortable with the stuff. I'm just using a brush pen for now, for training wheels.

As a note, isn't this Ed Benedict drawing of Ricochet one of the most beautiful drawings you've ever seen??

I'm sorry, Mr. Benedict, for sullying such a nice drawing. I'm still so shakey. The hands don't describe their forms at all, and the feet are also very jittery. Lots of mistakes, but almost all of them are out of complete inexperience with this stuff.

Another beautiful Benedict drawing

Me trying to ink again. I screwed up the tail pretty badly. This is really hard, but I think it'll be worth it once I get better.

I think I may have done Snagglepuss before Ricochet, if it matters. Anyway, so, this is the first time I've ink-practiced that I haven't been TOTALLY humiliated to show (I started intentionally practicing yesterday). Hopefully there will be more, and there will be visible improvement as I get more familiar with using a brush to make lines.


  1. the fat guy at top

    his head should be looking down

    yours has been evened out and he is almost looking up

    also the back of his skull and his neck should be 2 different shapes, not both circular

    the neck is more straightened, being pulled up by the cranium as it tilts down in front

    if the front of your head tilts down, it stretches the back of your neck and head up

    make sense?

    the inking looks great!

  2. Wow, fast feedback! Thanks, John.

    On my next study of the magician dude I'll pay more attention to head direction, distinct shapes (I do tend to round things out like that).

    I appreciate so much that you give me such specific criticism. It's really valuable, hopefully I can apply it better next time.

  3. also look at the overall shape of his neck and head together

    it forms almost a triangle, not 2 circles on top of each other

    it helps to study a drawing first, analyze it - in words

    squint your eyes and look at the big overall shapes-say what you see

    THEN draw it