Sunday, September 27, 2009

Asking for real world advice, basically

I thought I'd confess publicly that the reality of graduating college this May is slowly creeping up on me, and I'm a little concerned. I figure it'd be a good idea to move out to southern California if I expect to get a job making cartoons (in any form), but southern California is too expensive to just scoot on over and hope for the best. However, if I wait more than 6 months to move out, I will have to move out while paying for student loans.

...Does anyone know about how, exactly, to go about this? Really I just want a job that will pay my bills, give me some sort of experience with a studio, and allow me to learn and grow as a cartoonist. Unfortunately, I can't really see that happening with anyone but John (perhaps I've become a purist already). So, basically, I guess I'd be trying to pay my bills, get experience, and going home and studying (similar to how I'm doing now, only I'm taking classes and working as a barista instead of just having a real job).

Anyway, I'm free from school in May, free from my lease in August (I'd be ok breaking it if there was some extremely grand opportunity). I have to start paying off my loans in November.

I suppose I should be building a portfolio, but that cuts into my cartoon studies. Maybe I could spend some time after graduating building a portfolio? Would any place care about my studies? Ach.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that even if I had a portfolio prepared, I don't know of any cartoon studios that are making anything I actually like!

I guess I'm just posting out loud, but I thought I'd ask if anyone had any sort of advice on getting my career started.


  1. Just don't fail to plan, like yours truly

  2. A good idea would be to rent out a house or an apartment with 3-5 friends, get a regular job. Then keep trying to get a position at one of the studios.

    If you move down there without a plan, you could end up broke, homeless and unemployed.

  3. As someone in the entertainment industry, I'd say just go, go, go...all the best "I'm moving to LA" plans get shot to s*** in a few weeks (or days) anyway.

    One plan that for sure doesn't work so well is the "I'll get a job lined up, and THEN I'll move out there." It's practically impossible, unless you've got a fail-safe connection.

    I'd suggest saving up as much $$$ as possible, then getting out there in late summer / early fall (well in front of the holiday season!) and getting some kinda entry-level job in the entertainment biz...PA, runner, etc...then build out from there.

    Anyway...good blog, and good luck...