Sunday, September 6, 2009


Finally, the finish doesn't feel like a complete downgrade.

However, the arms really don't make a lot of sense and the eyes are up too high on his skull. I don't think there's enough sense of weight on his foot to the right, even if he is tiptoeing. Also, the sock cloth on the end of the toe to the left doesn't look like it's totally logical. It should be pointed more downward, at an angle.

I got the idea to draw this from Jory. Both he and I love the old cartoon trope of bedtime getup, cap and candle included. He draws it on top of a lot of my doodles when we have a class together, so of course he put one of the bazillion Mickeys I've drawn this past week. So, I decided to draw one, myself.


  1. 2 comments:

    1) the pose is off balance-he's falling backwards

    2) the bottom of the feet where they are touching the ground, should be slightly flattened (being pushed down by his weight)

    the lines are beautiful and the construction very good

  2. Thank you, John, for your input!! You're right about the shoes and the balance thing. I feel like I'm getting better and there will be more to come, hopefully with less problems. Thanks!