Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yucky-Headed Mickey

I think it's some sort of law of the universe that one hand always has to present a problem... haha. Anyway, I wanted to try for something a little looser, with more emphasis on asymmetry.
So I made a different sort of error: the head's lopsided. REALLY lopsided. I wanted it to be asymmetrical, not melting. If I were to do this over again, I'd pull in the viewer's right side of the face, wrapping it much more tightly into perspective (the ear would go with it). I'd also try to make it clearer that the hand on the right is supposed to be coming forward in space (you'd be able to see in the sleeve more, etc).

Also, I think I'd round out the right foot on the bottom, more. It needs to be more volumous.

These are coming out a lot more easily and I'm really happy with that. As you might have noticed, I'm sort of trying to use different elements from both the Little Whirlwind Mickey and the Mickey Mouse Club opening Mickeys. Been having a lot of fun and it's exciting to think of these as a little more of my own than the straight-up referenced studies (I feel less silly showing them to people who ask at school).

1 comment:

  1. it's good asymmetry

    and your lines are much nicer lately

    2 tips:

    1) take a plate and tip it back on the angle of the hat and look at it, then change the shape of the hat brim to match what you see

    2) I think the eyes should be bigger, check the model sheets for a front view if one exists