Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It Happens in the Best Bathrooms

Here are some more off-the-sheet Mickeys...

Note: He's holding something. At least, that's how I read it. I have no idea what it is, but I'm pretty sure it's not his hand in the original, so I didn't draw it as if it was. He's carrying some sort of bundle, I think.

I'm noticing that my biggest issues are...

  • Toning down contrasts (as always; good example-- the bottom-most drawing's hands. Notice that both of the fists needed to be tighter and angled more in opposition to each other than I drew them).
  • Enlarging the cranium. It throws off everything else and makes it hard later to place features. I struggled a lot with the face in the second image posted, and when I overlayed it and realize the problem, I felt like slapping myself).
  • When I am not being EXTREMELY careful about it, and sometimes when I am, I make Mickey's muzzle way too large. I think I'm going to do some quick facial studies tonight, but other than that I feel pretty comfortable with Mickey. Gonna do my own poses quite soon.


  1. MIckey's hands seem so disproportionately big in these models. I like it, but that is what throws me off.

  2. hey geneva
    what happens when you scan in a photo and the proportions are wrong? do you fix it by looking at the print-out picture again, or just by looking at your own drawing imposed on the original on the computer? or do you start over if it's wrong?

  3. Hello, thedamp:

    I normally do scan and fix the proportions (if the problem is significant), but I didn't fix any of these after scanning. John told me to work less on perfect accuracy and more on overall feeling, so I have just been drawing these and accepting the errors (taking note of them, still).

    For all of these, I just compared the drawing to the print-out and tried to spot errors as I drew them (which is kind of hard sometimes, as you can see stuff gets overlooked).

    It might be helpful, though, as you're starting, to scan and overlay-check in earlier stages of hierarchy, to save yourself trouble for really basic problems. Like I said, I've done that before. :)